Blue Mountain Neuropsychological Associates
Blue Mountain Neuropsychological Associates
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319 W. Hastings Rd., Suite A106
Spokane, WA  99218-2814
Phone: (509) 939-0719; Fax: (509) 464-6463; Email:
Biography of Dr. Lontz:

As first generation college graduates from Eastern Washington, Dr. Lontz and his wife decided to live and raise children near their roots.  After completing undergraduate degrees at Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washington University, Dr. Lontz earned a Master’s degree in psychology from Gonzaga University and a Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University.  Dr. Lontz is a culturally competent generalist with work experience in university and community college teaching, forensics, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, pain management, and research.  His research endeavors have included issues related to traumatic brain injury, internet psychology, defensive attribution, and resilience.

“'A brook without its source dries'...bringing my skills home is an honor.”
-Jameson C. Lontz, Ph.D.